Any cancellation made prior to 24 hours of pickup time will incur no charge. Cancellation made within 24 hours will have just the fare charged. Now we work with our clients’ if a situation arises that requires a cancellation or rescheduling,

      we are willing to work with you.

If a client does not show up for the scheduled pick-up, the client will be charged the full rate plus a 20% service amount equal to a 20% operational cost.

Additional stops requested by client will be extra. Just let the chauffeur driver know in advance of extra stop and how much it will cost. Normally if the additional stop is less then 4 miles each way it will be $30 plus 20% operational

      costs for each stop. For each stop between 4 and 25 miles it will be $65 plus 20% operational cost for each stop, if a stop is more then 25 miles we will apply a $3.25 per mile to each stop thereafter. We will apply a $60/hour wait time policy,

      so for each minute of wait time will incur $1 per minute.

The first 10 minutes after the scheduled pickup time there will be no extra charge. For airport domestic flights pickup the wait time is 30 minutes from the moment the airplane lands, and for airport international flights pickup the wait

      time is 50 minutes from the moment the airplane lands. After that, it will roll into an hourly chauffeur service of $60 per hour. So for example, if we are picking you up from your home/hotel at 10:10 AM and the wait time is less then 10 minutes

      after the schedule time then no additional charge will incur, however, if we wait for 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time, and you get into our car at 10:25 AM then there will be an additional $15 added to the bill.

A 20% operational cost will be added to the fare to cover the cost of gas, maintenance of the vehicle, insurance, and other overhead costs.

Gratuity is paid directly to the driver or if you prefer we can include in your charge card prior to the pickup. Just let us know how much you would prefer to tip the drive.

If toll roads are requested, there will be additional charge. Please ask the driver or when making a reservations how much the toll road will be, because depending upon your origin of pickup and destination, the toll road cost will be different.

A minimum of $3 will be added to the bill if a client decides to use a credit card or 3% of total bill, which ever is greater

A pickup or drop off from the Denver International Airport, there will be a $5 added to the fare.

For pickups between 10pm to 6am there will be a $10 night differential rate added to the total bill.

Clients who have reserved in advance with us who bring with them passenger(s) who are not reserved for in advance and are going to the same location will be charged $25 and up for per unplanned passenger if they are going to the same location,

      and more if they are being dropped off in a different location. So please let the representative know in advance how many will be accompanying you.

Alcohol drinks and tobacco are not allowed in our vehicles.

Any throwing up will incur the individual who scheduled the pickup with a $250 fee. Please do not throw up in our cars as this costs us money, time, and future scheduled trips.

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Client agrees that using our service to indemnify and hold harmless the us of and from any and all claims, demands, losses, expense, causes of action, damage, lawsuits,judgments, including attorneys’ fees and costs, arising out of or relating

      to the work of our service. In no event shall the maximum liability hereunder exceed the sum of $300

If a client request a change in the pickup time less then 24 hour prior to the pickup time there will be a $25 charge added to the bill. This policy does not apply to if your airplane gets in early or comes in late.

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